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She stood there awaiting his arrive. It seemed as if the time began to slow down more and more. Her anxiety levels raised at she had become more aware of her surrounds. There she was, in the middle of nowhere. Standing there as if frozen in time. She couldn’t help but become insecure and worried. As she turned around to walk away, there was a cold rough touch on her shoulders. There he was!! standing right there in front of her. Holding out his arms to her. As he embraced her he noticed the strong and familiar heart beat that he had once known before. He grabbed her chin, slowly raised her lips to his. They touched, it was like they were the only ones there. 

I have dreamed about this day for years. But, as it has come and gone, it was nothing like what I had imagined and or envisioned. I could not believe how wrong I was about it. I had such high hopes and dreams of which were crushed. How am I supposed to move forward? I feel as if anything I dream of or hope for now will become a failure such as this one. If only there was a way to erase that day in my life. But nothing can change it. Only I can change what happens next. Like the quote says, “Look up, get up, and never give up!”. It is now  the time for me to look up to God. Ask him for his guidance and mercy in my life journey… Lord help me. As I know it will be one of the biggest struggles in my life. 

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